Mother's Bracelet - 7 Bali Wonder
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7 Bali Wonder 

Ordered directly from Indonesia!! The most ornate beads in our store. You get 7 amazingly unique sterling silver handmade balis from Indonesia (provided length of bracelet is adequate). Each bali is 7-11 mm in size! A stylishly heavy bracelet for those ladies who want something larger on their wrists. Our most baroque style to date!

SUPER-SAVER DESIGN - Available with 2 names split from one strand (select this option in the drop-down box to the left).
Now you can purchase a 2 name bracelet but at a reduced price. We have designed a brand new creation that starts with a single strand, splits out into 2 strands, returning back to one strand. This allows you to get the 2nd strand for just $49.00 more, a $76.00 savings compared to the 2-strand 2-name style.

Each bracelet contains the following:

•7 individual Baroque-Styled Sterling Silver Balis from Indonesia•
•Sterling silver alphabet beads(5.5mm) •
•Sterling Silver toggle •

NAMES ON BRACELET - At the conclusion of the ordering process, you will be supplied a form that will ask you for the customized name(s).

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Please note that it is difficult at times to replicate exact balis due to their availability. Therefore, while we try our best to duplicate the bracelet as seen above, some balis may not be available at the time of ordering. We may then substitute another bali of comparable quality and style.

Shorter bracelets that include a name may not allow the use of 7 balis. Longer bracelets may require the duplication of one or more balis.

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