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Blue Moon


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A starburst of Swarovski crystal!  That's the hallmark of our 2 new Starburst styles of the Avante-Garde Series. Just like the awesome universe created by God, their a untold sizes and shapes of the most beautiful crystals. So too does our 'Starburst' style use a plethora of shapes and colors! If you like a rich blue haze of the summer sky moon, try the 'Blue Moon. If you like the vibrant and picturesque afternoon sunset, the brilliance of 'Sunset' is for you.

The 'Starburst' style bracelets are single strand continuous form bracelets. That is, they are one continuous long strand that wraps neatly around the wrist using free-form wire. In fact, you can lay this entire bracelet down as one long strand. But when circling the wrist, they appear as a multiple strand design.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This particular style of bracelet, the 'Starburst', is more fragile than our other bracelets. To create the crystal clusters on the sides of the bracelet, a different design crystal had to be utilized. These crystals are not meant to be treated roughly or indelicately. They must be managed and worn with care. These bracelets should not be worn where the potential for hitting or banging the bracelet are a potentiality.

Names on bracelet - At the conclusion of the ordering process, you will be supplied a form that will ask you for the customized name(s).

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