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Welcome to our newly designed CHARMS page! We have not only sorted our charms for you by category, but we have added many new charms to our inventory. Below is a brief listing of each category. To see a category, click on the lavender menu buttons. You will find an 'Add to Cart' order button for each category at the bottom of this page as well.

Due to the recent increase in silver prices, we have had to increase the price of our charms to $5.50. We will continue to monitor these prices and if any opportunity arises for us to lower our prices, we will do so. We believe that if you check around, you will find that our prices for sterling silver charms are still very low. If you still cannot find exactly what you are looking for in a charm, please email us and we'll try to find it for you.

We try to keep our charms pages up to date so that the charms we show are currently in stock. However, due to various circumstances, we may be sold out of a charm that we are currently showing. We apologize for this inconvenience.

    • Click to see our animal charmsBone, ladybug, butterflies, elephant, lion etc...  Add an Animal charm to your cart
    • Click to see our birthstone charms Birthstone colors in many styles including Elite Series...  Add a Birthstone charm to your cart
    • Click to see our children's charmsLiittle girl and boy faces and figurines...  Add a Children charm to your cart
    • Click to see our food charmsPeas, candy, lollipops, cherries, ice cream cones, popsicle...  Add a Food charm to your cart
    • Click to see our heart charms Sterling silver hearts in many styles and sizes...  Add a Heart charm to your cart
    • Click to see our Little girl charms Tiaraa, mary janes, tea cup, fairy and more...  Add a Little Girl charm to your cart
    • Soccer mom, Baseball mom, #1 Grandma, Its a girl, Its a boy... Add a Little Girl charm to your cart
    • Click to see our miscellaneous charms Ribbon, calculator, hair spray, memories book, diary...  Add a Miscellaneous charm to your cart
    • Click to see our religious charmsCrosses in many sizes and styles,, Bible, praying children...  Add an Religious charm to your cart

If, after talking to an employee, you've been instructed to add an additional charge to your order, please click HERE... This link is NOT for ordering charms but only per special ordering instructions received from a person at Savannah's Treasures. Thanks