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Mothers Bracelets : Brag Bracelets

(Freshwater Pearl style)
(Satin style)
(Gold style)
Gold Bracelet pictured has 2 additional accents per strand. This is an additional charge.
Elite Series Mothers Bracelet

Welcome to the most popular mothers bracelet we sell: Elite Series Mothers Bracelets. We created this design over 3 years ago, and now there are others who have copied our style. We are the original makers of this design! And what makes this mothers bracelet so unique? To start with, you have your choice of Satin beads, Freshwater Pearls, or Gold beads. Next, you'll adorn your bracelet with your choice of Swarovski birthstone cube crystals. And lastly, the piece de resistance of the Elite Series, the Swarovski crystal Accent pieces. Your Swarovksi birthstone crystal cubes will be surrounded on both sides by sterling silver Swarovksi Accent crystals! (In order to receive the accent crystals, a cube color must be chosen. Clear cubes can be chosen if no color is desired.) What a beautiful look. Elegant...Graceful...Eye-catching...One of a kind...We designed enjoy it!

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Matching Elite Series crystal charm. Only $8.00 Click image to view closeup.
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Special Notice: The prices below allow for a maximum of 2 birthstone cubes/accents per strand for a total of 8 birthstone cubes/accents for a 4 strand bracelet. However, you can order additional Crystal-Accent's for $8.00 each. In fact, you can build a strand with just crystals and accents. To see an example of this, click the 'See Another' lavender button above. In that example, a 2nd strand was added with the name omitted and 2 additional Crystal-Accent pieces. To add additional crystal-accents, please email us with your request.

Featured Accent crystals: Our ACCENT crystals are genuine sterling silver inlaid with Swarovski crystals. They are not silver plated, filled, or overlaid! We offer only genuine sterling silver products. And these cubes and Accent crystal pieces are 6mm in size ! Available up to 4 strands. Each bracelet features the following components:

COMPONENTS:  • Sterling satin beads, pearls, or gold beads (add $5 per strand for gold) • Sterling Silver toggle • 2 Swarovski birthstone crystal cubes (6mm) per strand • 4 Swarovski accent crystals (6mm) strand • 5.5mm sterling alphabet letters and saucers • Additional crystal cubes and Accent pieces ($8.00 each)
             SILVER PRICES                               GOLD PRICES               

1 Strand Silver/Freshwater Pearl .....Only $80.00
2 Strands Silver/Freshwater Pearl ...Only $155.00
3 Strands Silver/Freshwater Pearl ...Only $225.00
4 Strands Silver/Freshwater Pearl ...Only $290.00

1 Strand Gold .....Only $90.00 
2 Strands Gold ...Only $175.00
3 Strands Gold ...Only $255.00   
4 Strands Gold ...Only $330.00

(Does not include charms as pictured) (toggle style may vary according to availability)

  Birthstone Chart

Each order comes in this adorable jewelry pouch. Click picture to read more.
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