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2005 - A year to Fly !?

For we are being transformed "from glory to glory"! This is a verse found in the Bible (II Corinthians 3:18) and it has become very important to me. Why? Well, mainly because my sole purpose in life is to become more like Christ in every area of my life. And that involves change. Change in those areas of my heart that need correcting, modification, or even removal.

Sometimes the changing is harder than at other times. Sometimes my flesh rises up and like a rebellious child I want to spurn my Father's correction. And sometimes the change requires making decisions that are not popular with others. But I've learned that to keep from getting put in God's corner of discipline, I would be wise to gladly submit. After all, transformation is never easy, but it is always for my good.

Another meaning of the word 'transformed' is our English word metamorphosis, or being changed from one thing to another. The image is very similar to that of a caterpillar that is nestled away in the cocoon, silently being molded into what it will soon become...a radiant example of the beautiful creation of its maker. There's some struggle, some wiggling, and some stretching that must take place. Oh but when the barriers are broken through, oh the heights that can now be attained. The view up there is spectacular. Caterpillars don't get to see much. They are confined to the ground and restricted by what terrain the earth gives them to experience. They are captive to their circumstances. But the world is free to be enjoyed by the butterfly. Why? Because it has earned its wings through struggles and it can now live and love and fly as it pleases. The sky's the limit for the one who is willing to let God have His perfect way with them.

And so it is with Savannah's Treasures. We've reshaped our web site, created many new styles for you our wonderful customers, and expanded our services. What an amazing journey of change this business has become. And we look with delight to 2005! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to make some jewelry for you! You allow me to do what I love to do. I sincerely thank you and look forward to serving you this coming year. Let's fly together!

In His service,